Angel Music
Angel Music

The Mystery of the Angel Music: In 1972 I experienced a range of marvelous psychic phenomena and I channeled three religious songs. As I sat at a piano with a tape recorder running I began to play spontaneously. What followed were these three songs, and it wasn’t until much later, that I actually realized that “Brothers Join Hands” included a passage from the Holy Bible set to music. These three songs are what I call “The Angel Music”. If you would like to order either “Angel Music” or the soundtrack “Go Back Jack” you can order The Angel Music CD album (14 songs) just by emailing to MAUREEN Kirby.

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The Angel Music


Brothers Join Hands  

Sailin' On Love's Ocean

Somewhere There's A Rainbow

These three songs are what I call “The Angel Music”  Please take some time to listen to this free download and I would appreciate your comments via email.